BeSS database v2.0

The BeSS database contains the complete catalog of classical Be stars, Herbig Ae/Be stars, and B[e] supergiants. It assembles spectra obtained by professional and amateur astronomers of those stars.
This database is maintained at the LESIA laboratory of the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

Everyone can query the BeSS database to download the Be star spectra of one's choice or to check the catalog of classical Be stars, Herbig Ae/Be stars and B[e] supergiants.
However, if these data are used for scientific publications, please mention the sentence:
"This work has made use of the BeSS database, operated at LESIA, Observatoire de Meudon, France:"
In addition, certain facilities at which spectra were obtained request the inclusion of an acknowledgement sentence. Please check the "Credits" page for more detail.
Moreover, when you use many spectra obtained by the same person or if one spectrum provided important information for your work, we strongly encourage you to welcome him/her as a co-author of your publication. It is sufficient to thank in your publication observers which provided less spectra. Proper acknowledgments of the work of observers insures that observers will keep their motivation and continue to feed BeSS with their data.

Those who wish to do so can also register as an observer to upload to the BeSS database classical Be star, Herbig Ae/Be star or B[e] supergiant spectra they collected. In this case, the uploaded spectra must comply with the fits format and their header must contain at least some specific keywords (See Format).

We encourage you to also consult ArasBeam and the mailing list spectro-l to know which stars to observe in priority.

We thank you in advance for your contribution!

The BeSS administrators (B. de Batz, C. Neiner)
and the BeSS validators (E. Alecian, C. Buil, F. Cochard, V. Desnoux, O. Garde, T. Garrel, M. Kraus, T. Lemoult, C. Neiner, O. Thizy)